If you have the appropriate permissions, you can share any Dashboard that you've created with anyone who has associated access to Colocator, such as another member of your team. 

You do this by making your private Dashboard a Shared Dashboard which will be in read-only format (to avoid accidental editing). 

Simply use the toggle share button (grey padlock icon) to the left of the private Dashboard on the left hand panel to share (make public) or unshare (make private to you) any Dashboard.

You can quickly see the Dashboards that are "Shared" as they are clearly listed as such in the left hand panel.

A few things to note:

  • You cannot give a new private Dashboard the same name as an existing Shared Dashboard.

  • Shared Dashboards cannot be deleted. They must be made private first.

  • Sharing a Dashboard will enable anyone with a login and the correct level of access permission to see any shared Dashboard.

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