Once you have composed a message and assigned it a Segment, it will join the list of messages. 

 Dependent on what type of message you send, the message then will have a number of different states dependent on the Action you gave it.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages are sent to all those who qualify (through the series of Filters created in the Segment) and are sent either manually or at a specific time.

Manual status sequence:

At a specific time status sequence:

Triggered messages

Triggered messages are sent to all those who qualify (through the series of Filters created in the Segment) only between two times.

Between two times (Triggered) sequence:

A triggered message will complete once it has been sent to all users it was targeted at during the scheduled period.

Approving a message

You may have an editorial process where a second person is required to approve each message, in the process checking for typos etc. But even if you don't, you need to move a message from 'Draft' to 'Approved' for it to be sent, and you do this by using the drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen: 

You'll notice you can use this menu also to edit the message (for example to amend or correct something), delete a message and Duplicate a message (useful for messages that have already been sent).

Important to note: An approved message can be returned to draft status by using this drop-down menu to unapprove it ONLY before it has been sent. Once an approved message has been sent it cannot be unapproved or deleted. As soon as a triggered message has been approved it has sent and is active and can only then be paused - it cannot be deleted.

Filtering Messages 

You can also use the status of a message to filter the list of messages:

This is particularly useful when you have a significant number of messages on the system. 

If you are looking for a specific message the search functionality is also handy. This will search for key words only in the message title.

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