An Event is simply something that happens in a certain Region during a specified time period (i.e. with a start and end time). For example at a music festival an artist set on a named stage constitutes an Event. At a conference it could be a key note speaker session or a seminar - again at a specified location.

Bulk Upload

The quickest way to get Events into Colocator is by collating them in a CSV file, following this format, each event being a row with the folowing columns: 


Sample Event 1,Sample Region 1,26/06/2017,14:00,26/06/2017,15:30

Sample Event 2,Sample Region 2,27/06/2017,23:00,28/06/2017,00:30


  • event­_name is the artist name (e.g. Robbie Williams) 
  • region_name is the stage name (e.g. Main Stage)
  • start_date, end-date will be the same date unless the artist set spans midnight (as per the second sample event)

Note that:

  • start_time and end_time are in local time
  • Commas within the event­_name text and region_name text are not allowed

Time zone should also be provided.

It is essential that the region_name is indentical to the name of the corresponding region drawn up in Colocator (e.g. the audience area for a stage).

Once you have the CSV file ready please email it to your Crowd Connected contact who will ensure it is uploaded for you.

Adding one or more additional Events

The best way to add your entire schedule of events is through a bulk upload, if however you want to add to that you can add events individually.

Step 1
Click New event

Step 2
Give the event a name

Step 3
Select the region the event happens in

Step 4
Select the time the event starts and finishes

Step 5
Click Save

Amending Events

Once you have entered an event you can amend it

Step 1
Clicking the drop down arrow next to Edit

Step 2
Amend the name, region or time accordingly

Step 3
Click Save

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