Our Engage module is a powerful mobile engagement platform in its own right, enabling you to curate and geo-target push notification messages to your visitors, based on their location profile or geo-behaviour (i.e. where they are currently, where they have been, where they haven't been, at certain times, etc). 

And because Colcoator is 'always-on' technology, it is constantly building a location-trail for every connected Device, enabling never-seen-before levels of real-time attribution. 

Target who you want, when you want. Ping a message out to a broad spectrum, or trigger a communication to only those who meet a very narrow set of target criteria. 

Then evaluate the impact of messages, uniquly using Crowd Connected's proprietary R4 score.

Engage enables you to segment your audience by time and location in any way you might think of. This means message targeting that ranges from the simple to the sophisticated. See our List of Target Examples here.

Engage lets you create a target Segment by using one or more Filters that match your selected criteria - for example to send triggered by a Device entering a Region, or to go at a certain time to all Devices located in a specified Region. (Need a recap on Regions? Here's where to look.)

Messages composition can be done either in advance (and messages queued for triggering or broadcast), or on the fly (perhaps to be sent immediately in response to an unforeseen incident). 

You can compose a message to include text, emojis and hyperlinks, with multi-language options too.

Note that the exact level of functionality available will be dependent on your which tier of our Engage module you have subscribed to:

Tier 1 

Real-time trigger messages: on entry or exit from a defined Region; can be applied to an unlimited number of Regions including groups of Regions. Scheduled messages: real-time geo-fencing, messaging audience segment in a defined region (including a group of regions) based on current location; unlimited regions.

Tier 2

Adds historic geo-fencing: targeting based on a device having been located in a particular Region at a specified time (including a group of Regions); can be applied to unlimited number of Regions.

Tier 3 

Adds complex audience segmentation/messaging: Segment builder on historic geo-fencing, multiple Regions, multiple times, and/or not in a Region. Plus
complex rule-based triggers (beacon style, e.g. on 4th visit to a specified Region).

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