Regions. You'll quickly love 'em. They are the key to getting the most from Colocator.  

A Region is simply an area you draw on the screen. A defined polygonal area you overlay on your siteplan or elsewhere on the map using our intuitive interface. 

So it could be the ticketed perimeter to your event. Or the queuing area for taxis. Or a sponsor activation.

As soon as you have drawn a Region, Colocator can surface real-time and post-event metrics for that area (in our Insight module). Just how popular is a certain attraction? Draw a Region round it to find out.

Or think of a Region as a geo-fence. Use Regions in our Engage module to determine audience Filters and Segments.

You can have as many Regions you like. Whatever size or shape (while there are no limitations, if you make them really small - say less than 10x10 metres - they will have limited usefulness). 

Regions can overlap and be located anywhere (i.e. not restricted to event site). 

And you can choose categories for your Regions. Parking, Food and Beverage, Transport hubs, Stages. There's a pre-populated list of categories which should cover what you'll need, but let us know if not.

Top Tip: We  surface a deep dive of key metrics post event for any region you've drawn in our Analytics module. You can even draw regions post-event, to surface metrics for a particular area you are interested in. They don't need to be specified in advance.

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