We licence Colocator on a modular basis. What you get is dependent on your licence tier. Here's a summary of the full suite of functionality. You are given access only to the module tiers you are subscribed to ... so if there's module specific functionality you might like added to your package, just let us know. 

And for detailed help on each of the modules, just follow the links below.


Visualisation of key metrics as your audience interacts with your event. Crucially, in real time. So, configurable Heatmaps and customisable Dashboards. Use it to provide “eyes on the ground” situational awareness for optimising attendee management and to “load balance” your event to enhance the attendee experience.


Our audience segmentation and engagement engine that delivers unparalleled geo-behavioural profiling. Use it to curate and deliver highly targeted and contextualised in-app messaging using the location history of the recipients (i.e. their activity timelines, not just proximity to a fixed location). 


Post-event analysis of attendee interaction with your event using all the granular audience location data we harvest. Delivered via interactive self-service charting and/or PDF reports. Use it to deep dive into any element of your event, or to replay any time segment to understand what happened. 


Seamless location monitoring of select individuals and assets. Real-time visualisation of personnel, vehicles or other valuable items. Cleverly utilises reusable and non-intrusive tags which can be attached to any badge or lanyard, leveraging the attendee mobile sensor network. 

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