Step 1: Switch from message composition to message targeting using the tabs at the top of the form:

Step 2: Next you need to choose how/when your message is going to be sent.  
At the top of the form you will see that each message can be scheduled to be sent to the target Segment in three different ways: ''at', 'between' or 'manually'.

Selecting 'at' brings up a time input field.

Selecting 'between’ brings up a ‘start’ and ‘end’ time input fields. This is how you send continuously Triggered messages. From the start to the end time, messages will go to Devices as and when they meet the Segment criteria.

Sending ‘At’ or Manually’ is how you send simultaneous Broadcast messages. For manually sending messages you can set up the message ready to go – and simply hit the Send button when you’re ready. For example, you can prepare messages in advance for various contingencies, which may or may not be needed.

At’ scheduled messages will go automatically at the time you’ve set. Everyone who meets the criteria will get the message at the selected time.

Once Manual or ‘At’ scheduled message have been sent, you can’t send them again. But if you want to repeat a message, you can use the duplicate option, and send the new duplicate message (see Message Status for more details).

Step 3: Either choose a Segment you have already created (they'll be listed on the left hand panel), or create a new Segment.

Creating a new Segment

Step 4: You need to give your segment a name, this is because the Segment you create for this message will then be available for subsequent future messages.

Step 5: You then have the option to pick one of four options in relation to the Filter you are about to create:

  • Match any of the following
  • Match all of the following
  • Match all of the following in order
  • Match # or more of the following

It may be easier to first build the Filter(s) and then decide on which option they relate to.

Creating a new Filter

Step 6: To create a new Filter, first select one of four options:

Present: Device has been present in region at the event or between a set time period.
Not present: Device has not been present in region at the event or between a set time period.
Entered: Device entered region at a particular time period.
Exited: Device exited region at a particular time period.

Step 7: Select a Region, this is from your drop down list of all the Regions you have created.

Step 8: Set the time the message recipient is present from the drop down list:
Now:  Device is located (or not located) at the time the message is scheduled to be sent.
A specific time.
A set of specific timings.
Any time until:
The same as between but with no start time.
Any time after:
The same as between but with no end time.

It is then IMPORTANT to click save!

Step 10:  Hit save draft

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