Our Analytics module provides access to the entire spatio-temporal data set we harvested and processed for your event. We provide a self-service interactive charting interface enabling you to drill into the data and quickly establish quantitative metrics (such as footfall and dwell time) for any Region or Event you have created, for any time period. 

Step 1

First, click the Analytics module icon, the 4th icon down on the LH side bar which will make sure you are in the Analytics module. 

Step 2

Click on the Charts button in the top right hand corner of the console.

Step 3

To bring up the Analytics navigation panel, hover over the analytics icon. There are two options at this point. You can either select the date ranges via the calendar and adjusting the From and To times. Which allows for events spanning multiple days, so you can pinpoint one day or one weekend, for example.

Or alternatively, you can select Load All Data. Note that where your event has generated a very large data set, this option may be disabled.

Step 4

Once a data request has been submitted, please be patient. Depending on the quantity of data selected, it can take a little bit of time to fetch and download to your browser. 

Once the task is complete you will see the interactive charts appear. 

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