If you've got a site plan, sitemap or floor plan for your event, we'll make sure it's uploaded to the Colocator platform, where it will appear in the sitemap layer.  

Your site plan should be an accurate scale representation of your event site or venue(s), with points such as buildings and roads marked that we can reference to Open Street Map and/or a satellite image. So a stylised graphic that appears, for example, in your mobile app, is unlikely to be workable. 

Often the CAD plan of the site is the best source.

The plan should be supplied as a hi-res vector-based PDF, or even better in GeoTIFF format (GeoTIFF is a public domain metadata standard which allows georeferencing information to be embedded within a TIFF file). This specific high-resolution format means the site plan can be overlaid super accurately onto the mapping background.. 

The site plan should be emailed as soon as it in final form to siteplans@crowdconnected.com, in any event no later than 10 working days before the start if the event.

If a site plan arrives late, or if we have to geo-reference more than one version of the plan (for example because of material changes to the plan) then we reserve the right to (and will normally) levy an additional administration fee of $250 / €250 / £200.

In the instance that your event does not have a site map (e.g. multi-site, city wide), Colocator propvides by default a detailed mapping background using Open Street Map data.

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