The drawing of Regions is critical in the use of Colocator.

Regions are specific areas which the system uses for surfacing real-time metrics via dashboards (Insight module), post-event data visualisation (Analytics module) and for geo-targeting messages (Engage module).

So It's really important to draw as many regions as you think you will need within the system before the event. However, Colocator does allow you to draw regions during (or even after) your event (typically you might do this for additional analysis via the Analytics module).

Step 1

Add a region by clicking the + icon.

Step 2

Add a new region by simply drawing a multi-sided shape using your mouse. To complete the shape end at your first point. The region can be any size you want around any area, anywhere, whether on site or off site. This is generally an area that you would like to surface data from (ie. a stage, entrance, bar, transport hub, etc.) and/or an area you would like to send a message to or otherwise use within the Engage segmentation engine. 

Step 3

Complete the region by giving it a name and type. The type allows you to group sets of regions which is helpful for Analytics and Engage.

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