Dashboards allow you to visualise quantitative real-time readouts of visitor data. You can have as many Dashboards as you like, building each Dashboard to custom requirements by combining multiple Widgets. Dashboards can be shared on a read-only basis with others (Shared Dashboards).

You can set up as many different Dashboards as you need - for example having a different one for each different on-the-ground team, giving them access to relevant information quickly. You might have a Dashboard delivering information relevant to traffic and transit operations outside of the event a different Dashboard monitoring dwell times in certain Regions inside your event perimeter, and a separate Dashboard displaying information relevant to queuing at entrance gates. 

To add a new Dashboard:

Step 1

Head to the Dashboard Interface in the top right of the "Insight Module". You will then need to click on the "+". This will give you the ability to give your Dashboard a name and save.

Step 2

You will then need to click your Dashboard's name and start to add a set of Widgets that you want displayed for this specific Dashboard. Have your Widgets displayed in the order you want on each Dashboard. Simply drag and drop the Widgets around into the required layout.

If you want to edit a Dashboard, simply select it and then make the changes you want (for example, adding or deleting Widgets, or changing the layout) but note you will need to make your Dashboard Private (select the padlock icon) to make changes and then you can make your Dashboard public again.

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