The drawing of Regions is fundamental to Colocator. And it couldn't be simpler. Regions can be drawn on the mapping layer no matter which module you are subscribed to. Regions are independent of the module you are in - so drawing or amending a Region in one module's mapping layer (e.g. Insight) is immediately reflected if you navigate to another module (e.g. Engage).

Step 1

Add a region by clicking the + icon.

Step 2

Draw a region by simply drawing a polygon of any shape, clicking for each corner point. To complete the Region end at your first point. The Region can be any size you want around an point of interest. This is an area that you would like to surface data from (e.g. entrance gate, bar, transport hub, etc.) and/or you would like to use for message targeting within our Engage module. 

Step 3

Complete the region by giving it a name and type in the right hand panel. The type allows you to group regions under different category headings.

There are pre-loaded categories but you this list can be adapted to suit your particular use case. If you need an additional category, just ask!

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