Step 1

Click on the the hexagonal icon on the navigation tool on the left to open the Insight module.

Step 2

The Insight module introduces the various layers. Simply click the toggle icon to toggle each layer on or off. There are 5 standard layers:

  • World: This is our grey-scale map of the world. This is the default background layer.

  • Site map: If your event has a site map this will be available here. For this layer to appear we will need to have received your sitemap in the correct format which we will upload to the Colocator platform for you. See here for more details.

  • Regions: Regions are the sub-areas of your event which can be any shape or size, and aren't limited to the perimeter of your venue. See how to create regions here.

  • Heatmap: Once our system starts to receive data it is visualised in this layer. 

  • Beacons: If your event has beacons this is where you can add them.

Step 3

Click in the top right corner to switch between the Map and Dashboards.

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