The message composition UI within the Engage module enables an external link to have a unique identifier embedded within it.

For example, this can be used to track individual click throughs to either a page within the mobile app, or an externally hosted web page. This might be a mobile survey, so that the survey results can be mapped back to individual app users.

If your licence includes this functionality, you are able to add a device alias ID (for example the app install ID) by appending the ID as a parameter to the base URL in the Message Link field following this format:



htttp:/ can be any destination URL 


{*user_id*} will be the alias being used (e.g. {app_user_id}). The precised format for this will be agreed with you depending on which alias field is being passed within the ?device= parameter.

Depending on the functionality of your mobile app and underlying push messaging provider, the link can be embedded into a call-to-action button within the message, and the text displayed within this button edited in the message composition UI. 

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