Once you have built an audience Segment and curated the message content, it is natural to ask: How many people might get this message? 

A new feature in our Engage Module is Message Audience Estimate. This allows you to see an estimated number of qualifying devices that your message will send to (if the message is sent immedaitely), before you set it to send. 

To get a Message Audience Estimate, go through the process of setting up a message, whether it will be a Manual or Scheduled message. Once you have reached the final stage, save the message as a draft and you'll see your message in your list of messages. The right hand side drop down menu will allow you to "Approve" the message:

Once a message has been Approved, you will then be able to click the drop down option once more and see an "Estimate" option:

Once you have clicked "Estimate", a pop up box will appear which will display the an estimated audience figure. If you are happy with this, you can proceed to send the message ("Send Now" or "Scheduled"). If you aren't happy with the estimated number, you can "Unapprove" the message, go back and amend the audience Segments.

Note that Message Audience Estimate applies to Broadcast messages only (i.e. a push notification message who meets the Segment criteria at that point in time). It isn't available for Triggered messages (i.e. as each individual meets the criteria during the message-send time window).

For each message that has completed, a total of qualifying recipients is displayed. The actual number of recipients may be slightly lower due to external factors such as app users opting out of push notifications.

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