Below are 10 fantastic examples of how the kind of push messages that really make a difference....

  1. Simple but effective - Most of our customers start with a nice Welcome message to send to all attendees as they arrive to the event. 
  2. Useful message - Queue Busting. "We can see you are waiting in a queue at bar X. There is another bar a 2 minute walk to your right which has a much shorter wait time"
  3. Car Parking - As attendees are arriving to the event, you can send a push message to notify them that Car Park A is now full and to head to Car Park B in plenty of time. 
  4. Follow on from transport. Coachella Festival used a great tactic of directing everyone who arrived in an Uber Taxi back to the Uber rank at the end of the night when it's dark and hard to see.
  5. Undiscovered facilities - Many of our events send push notifications advising attendees of an area (may be a bar or merchandise shop etc) that hasn't yet been visited.
  6. One of our favourite examples is from a deployment who used Push Messages to start a "Treasure Hunt" around the site. The winner of the treasure hunt won a prize. 
  7. Follow on the same topic. Lots of our customers use messages to send discounts to attendees for the bars. "Thanks for coming to get a drink from us, here's 20% off your next purchase" for example. 
  8. Safety - Messages can also be a vital tool for crowd safety. In the event of an emergency, a message could be sent (alongside other forms of communication), to direct the crowd away from the danger area. 
  9. Many customers send a "Goodbye" message to their event attendees and a great example of this comes from a festival where they sent a push message to everyone who had seen the headline act perform. "Thanks for coming, get home safe! FYI - our headline act has an upcoming tour, you can find tickets here".
  10. Our final example comes in the form of Sponsor Activation. EE sponsored Latitude Festival in 2016, with no physical presence (no stand / shop) yet received huge amounts of digital traffic as messages were sent with information about EE and offers to the attendees. 

You can read all about the Secrets of Push Messaging in our recent ebook.

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