Inputs for scaling must all relate to a region called ‘VENUE’. The venue region should contain all other regions for which people scaled data is required. Typically, this might be the ticketed perimeter for an event.

We support two methods for scaling: manual input and automated via API.

Using either of the following methods, the latest submitted count will be used to recalculate scaling, and all previous calcs / observations will be ignored.

(i) Manual input via console UI

For the region called ‘VENUE’ only, there is a menu option in the console to submit observed occupancy and time. Mouseover the word VENUE and the three dots to the right of VENUE region name appear. Click on these are you are given two options (rather than the usual one). In addition to “Edit” there is “Count”:

Click on “Count” and an input form appears:

Manually enter the figure in this box along with the time of the count and hit save.

(ii) Via API

Alternatively, automated submission of the number of people in the VENUE region, and the time of observations can be handled by API. Please contact us for technical documentation.

Display of scaled numbers

Currently only the Dashboard numbers will be available scaled to people. 

If your licence key has scaling enabled, then a people/devices toggle is displayed at the top of the dashboard user interface:

If no occupancy or arrival counts have been submitted, then the toggle is greyed out and cannot be used (per above).

Once a count has been submitted, then the people/devices toggle can be used on the Dashboards: switching the toggle will change numbers to people.

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