We provide multiple ways to turn the underlying location data in Colocator into powerful insight. So, depending on what level of licence you have, there are a number of options for post event analytics.

Compiling a report or just curious? Use Query Builder's intuitive, natural language interface to get a quick answer by running a query against your location datails.

You can find out how many app users were ‘Present, in an area, between two times, for at least a minimum dwell’, just by making selections in a series of drop downs. You can combine these queries with AND and OR logic, building up complex ‘where and when’ queries that define particular customer behaviours.

Alternatively, Interactive Charting provides another quick method to delve into your data, providing a templated set of inter-related charts which can be manipualted in your browser for any Region or group of regions, and for any time range (up to a mxaimum of 72 hours). 

For a deeper dive into the entire data set from your event, we recommend Data Tables which are a set of CSV files that present the data in a structured format. These visit-based summaries are designed for import into BI tools.

Raw Data (i.e. Device ID, timestamp, lat, long) can also be made available, should you want it.

Finally animated heatmaps (which can also be exported) provide a qualitative overview of people movement.

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