The Colocator system can apply an overarching limit to the number of geo-targeted messages an app user gets in a prescribed time period. This is currently a back-end configuration setting (i.e. not visible in the console),

This “message throttling” limit is set to a number of messages per time period, e.g. 1 per every 30 minutes, or 2 per hour, or 10 per 24 hours, etc. Or no cap at all, i.e. switched off (this is the default setting).

The message throttling feature is designed to prevent a app user quickly triggering multiple messages by entering/exiting regions, for example as they do a discovery tour of an event site on first arriving - behaviour which is commonly seen.

It also provides the benefit of smoothing geo-targeted message delivery over the course of a multi-day event. Where there is a significant quantity of messages, this can be helpful to prevent message overload.

This message throttling setting is over and above the existing limit that each individual geo-targeted message can only be received once.

To set-up message throttling, please contact your Crowd Connected representative at least 72 hours before you require it to be switched on.

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